Radiologist CME


Since 2010, Virtual Radiologic has been providing a variety of high-quality radiologist CME opportunities. All of our live online lectures are available to all interested radiologists free of charge and recorded for your convenience. We also offer annual destination conferences which have been well attended by radiologists seeking the added social and networking opportunities.

Hundreds of radiologists have taken advantage of these activities with 92% of participants rating the educational quality of our live online modules as “excellent” or “above average.”

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Live Modules: 2015 Practical Updates in Radiology

 Common Pediatric Musculoskeletal findings for the General Radiologist

Recorded (Enduring) Modules: 2015

MRI of the Female Pelvis: Interesting and Instructive Cases
Nuclear Night
Atelectasis and Aspiration: Radiographic Findings with CT Correlation
Radiology QA: “There but for the Grace of God…” –Recollections of a QA Committee Member
Architectural Distortion in Breast Imaging
Review of Pediatric Neuroradiology
Common Neuroradiology Misses – 2015 Update

Recorded (Enduring) Modules: 2014

Common Neuroradiology Misses
The Mammographic Signs of Malignancy
Pattern Based Approach to the Chest Radiograph with CT Correlation
V/Q Scans for Radiologists on Call – Just the Basics
Review of Neonatal Head Ultrasound
Teleradiology, PACS & DICOM: Harder Than It Looks
PET/CT Interpretation: How I do it
MRI Lumbar Spine Review:  Marrow Signal and Disc Terminology